Care for some good grub and conversation? You're in luck. The landscape for such recreation has completely changed for the better over the last few years, and it's all tied to one thing: food trucks. Chances are you've experienced the wonder that is this burgeoning phenomenon and now need the answer to the burning question, “Where and when can I jump into this experience in Silicon Beach next?” Whether you're searching for happy hour opportunities, late-night eats, or even special spontaneous shindigs, ABBOT KINNEY FIRST FRIDAYS deliver an exciting food truck experience to the SB like no other. The Venice festival that launched July 1st will joyfully continue each first Friday of the month and is primed to deliver on at least two of the most prominent tenets of the food truck philosophy: fun, ‘to go’ availability of fare of unique origin, and social connectivity. Let's dive in a little further, shall we? Food trucks are the latest culinary solution for the on-the-go lifestyle. Forget ‘brown-bagging’ it. Active, driven types that love to keep it moving no longer have to rely on antiquated notions like ‘the lunch hour’ or meals packed in advance in pails and bags. Instead, these gourmet chow wagons have transformed the way this generation is eating, offering convenient ‘pop-up’ locations for those hankering for the chance to try something fresh and exotic on-the-fly. The ‘something fresh and exotic’ that we experienced this time around was at MAD PAMBAZOS, one of the newer food trucks to hit the Abbot Kinney scene. They served up an incredible sandwich from an authentic recipe from Mexico City. Dipped in salsa and pressed until hot and crisp, The “Toecutter” has guajillo braised goat shoulder, crema, oaxaca cheese served with cabbage salad, and pickled jalapeño, all topped off with mango guacamole that packs a spicy, sweet, and savory punch. Their tagline “Oh what a sandwich! What a lovely sandwich!” is spot on. Food trucks not only provide a diverse variety of quality cuisine, they legitimately bring people together. Foodies check Twitter for locations that change daily, turning ‘truck spotting’ into a social game to play with friends. This comes as no surprise when we consider that this mobile kitchen movement was born from the social media craze and websites like LOTMOM that enabled their operators to capitalize on the virtual media public and engage with their potential customers by announcing their location in real-time. It's never been easier to meet up with pals to catch a bite or make brand new, grub-loving friends to enjoy and critique the fast-breaking wave of fresh flavors that abound, like the churros rolled in wacky coatings like Fruity Pebbles and Reese's Puffs cereal, that RIDGE CHURRO BAR slings with pride. Indulging your adventurous taste buds is even better where you are likely to find people of similar interests hanging out around you. So, mingle when waiting for a lobster roll at COUSINS’ MAINE LOBSTER, and chew the fat while eating the delicacies of our other popular fave restaurants on wheels: KOGI BBQ, BELLY BOMBZ, DOGTOWN DOGS, and THE MAC DADDY. Get your 'snack and chat' on.


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