Keeping Up with Decorating Trends

Just like fashion and beauty, interior design trends change with every season. It might not feel like it in Southern California, but we’re in the midst of fall. It’s time to swap the bright yellow pillows for some cozy knit ones.

If you don’t visit home goods stores frequently, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing styles. Instagram is a great place to do some “research” from home. Some of my favorite niche hashtags are #instahomedecor, #bhghome (BHG = Better Homes and Gardens), #decorcrushing, and #lovewhereyoudwell. A couple seasonal ones: #fallintoautumn and #fallintoyourdeco.

Vanessa is the founder and CEO of Decorator, a platform to crowdsource interior design. You upload a photo, and other people redesign your room for you. See how it looks with different wall colors and new furniture, and then buy the paint and furniture you love most.

Let’s walk through three huge trends I have my eye on right now.

1. Statement Mirrors

Big, bold mirrors have been popular all year, and I’ve started seeing even more of them lately.

Mirrors have traditionally only been in bedrooms and bathrooms. Now the trendiest homes have them in the living room, the dining room, or near the entryway. They take the place of art on the wall, and some are even their own works of art.

I think this trend will continue for a while longer. However, beware of sunburst mirrors. They are incredibly popular right now, but it just seems like a fad to me. Look outside the box and find a mirror that’s truly unique! Story Continues Here:

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