srfr App Streams Video Directly from Phone to TV

Ever wanted to stream video content directly from your phone onto your TV? Without having to use a pesky external device, mind you?

srfr (pronounced “surfer”), a new digital media startup based right in Venice, is looking to provide exactly that solution.

The company’s eponymous app, which describes itself online as “allowing you to easily stream your videos at the touch of a button,” has been available to download for free on both Android and iOS since mid-September.

srfr believes that it’ll get you to ditch the mere handful of its ersatz competitors “by leveraging advanced proprietary technology, a simple User Interface, and an OTT complimentary API against the existing lag in platform-agnostic IoT technology.”

That all sounds good, but what do these combined features mean for the average user?

Founder and CEO Dan Unger reiterates to me— almost as if from the site’s copy— that srfr is an app “that takes your videos and lets you play them at the touch of a button.” He continues to emphasize the seamlessness of the app, explaining that, “when you first login, you have access to your videos on Facebook, Snapchat, and other platforms.”

Simplicity is truly its calling card, as other than a smartphone, all you need for the srfr experience is a Wi-Fi connection and a Smart TV.

Along with the app’s ease of use, the company takes pride in the fact that their app is free of cost, and apparently functions nearly flawlessly. Story Continued Here

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