Sonicspan Tuning Up in Playa Vista

Sonicspan is the newest Silicon Beach startup star launching a new social network and a contest marketplace for musicians.

Located in Playa Vista, founder Kosar Hosseinkhani and Zahra Ferdowsi bring their passion for music and technology to a new level. Zahra is a singer and has a PHD is Computer Science and works for Snapchat as a Data Scientist while Kosar plays guitar and has a master's in IT Project Management. Kosar is dedicating all his time launching this new company.

Kosar founded Sonicspan because of the need for a well-crafted platform for musicians to connect and find other like-minded people and also make money/save money using their passion.

Kosar’s vision for Sonicspan’s social network is to create a platform with the ease and feel of Facebook for musicians, being music focused, and a stronger search engine to connect, collaborate, and make money by participating in contests.

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