Perfect for finding a great weekend getaway.

These days it seems as though there is an app or blog for just about anything you could think of. With so many available, we've rounded up some of the newest apps that can tell you where you might be traveling next and save a few dollars!

"Shake Me Away" is a fun new feature on the KAYAK mobile app. All you have to do is open the KAYAK app on your phone and shake it! KAYAK will search for a flight that is less than 6 hours and under $500 round trip. If you're wanting to get out, and get out now, the app's latest feature at least narrows down the overwhelming world of flight fares to things you can afford

Before you think that you'll be spending most of your time on multi-stop flights to get these cheap fares, Kayak filters out routes that have more than one layover, so you'll have plenty of time on a three-day weekend to actually be on the ground.

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