Silicon Beach Sports

Silicon Beach Sports Lead offers fun and sports throughout Silcon Beach.

If you’re a casual player; looking to get into a new sport; looking to make connections and have some fun – check out SB Sport.

The Silicon Beach Sports League was originally started in 2014 by Justin Brezhnev and Bobby Alves. Neither of them had the time to keep it going until Tommy Simmons (Silicon Beach Simmons) joined the founding team mid 2016, with a successful relaunch, then it was off to the races.

The Silicon Beach Sports League provides environments for companies to build meaningful relationships while staying fit.

It’s about getting social and all about having fun, meeting people, and getting active. That is why we host social events and all of our sports leagues are socially competitive and coed. Join a league and see why our members can’t get enough.

Here are some notable companies that are playing - -

Snapchat, Tinder, Dollar Shave Club, Honest Company, Headspace, Space X, Faraday Future,Heal, RING, Factual,Hawke Media, VaynerMedia, Atom Tickets, JAMCITY, Momentfeed, Hellotech, Verifi, Mucker Capital, Five Four Club, Skurt, Tradesy, Floqast, Solar Reserve, WorkPop, Meltwater, UBEAM, Water Planet, PatientPop, Snacknation and many many more!

About Tommy:

Co-founder & Commissioner Silicon Beach Sports League

Tommy has played sports his entire life including, football, baseball, basketball and track and field. From the East Coast (near Pittsburgh PA) heI graduated with a Sports Administration degree from Indiana University of PA.

He’s also a record holder at my high school for track and field. (Shot put), was the Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion and was the #1 salesman in the US & Candad for LA Fitness for Personal Training.

He has also previously founded a mobile fitness application company in LA, co-founder of Braveheart Properties in Pittsburgh with his brothers so he could be around more for my niece and nephew.

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